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Teaching the JAH

Teaching the JAH bridges the gap between the latest scholarly research in US history and the practice of classroom teaching. Journal of American History authors use online tools to demonstrate how featured articles might be taught in a US history survey course.

Textbooks and Teaching

“Textbooks and Teaching,” published annually in the Journal of American History, is a forum for examining the techniques and resources of American history education. Participants analyze pedagogical materials and discuss their experiences teaching American history to various audiences.

US History Teaching Units

Developed jointly by the OAH and the National Center for History in the Schools at UCLA, the US History Teaching Units are based on primary documents for use in precollege classrooms. Written by teams of teachers and historians, each contains reproducible images and lesson plans for classroom use.

OAH Webinars

The OAH offers a variety of webinars, including “how to teach” content and the Future of the Past series which is suitable for secondary and post-secondary classroom use.

OAH Podcasts

The OAH offers podcasts including the JAH Podcast, Intervals, and the Talking History series, suitable for secondary and post-secondary learners.