Incoming Vice President Announced

The Nominating Board has selected Anthea Hartig as incoming Vice President. Dr. Hartig is the director of the Simthsonian’s National Museum of American History. She is also a member of the OAH Distinguished Lecturer Program. Her term will begin May 1, 2021.

Sponsored and Gift Memberships

OAH members can sponsor a membership for your early-career colleagues and students. Sponsored memberships are $35 per year (with proration memberships that start in June cost $40.84 and memberships that start in July cost $37.92—all memberships expire October 31, 2021) and can be purchased by calling the OAH office. You can also purchase gift memberships for those of your colleagues who are no longer early career using the membership form found on the OAH website at or by calling the OAH office at (812) 855-7311. Your support of both the organization and your colleagues is greatly appreciated.

Become a Reviewer for the Journal of American History

The JAH is always looking for qualified historians to serve as reviewers for the Journal of American History. To be qualified, a reviewer should have either a Ph.D. in American history or a related field, professional experience in the teaching or presentation of the history of America, or publications in the field. It is crucial that prospective reviewers indicate their areas of interest and publications on the reviewer data sheet since we use this information to identify reviewers who have expertise in the particular subject matter of the book or article being reviewed.

To submit a new reviewer data sheet, or to update an existing record, please use go to and complete the form. We recommend that those interested in reviewing update their information at least once every two years to ensure that you remain on the active reviewer roster.

American History Experts Database

The OAH National Office receives many requests for assistance from members of the media, especially during times of crisis. We encourage you to keep your American History Experts profile up to date, or, if you have not yet created a profile, to do so today. The database helps members of the media when they need an expert to provide background and to contextualize breaking news. Create or update your profile here: (Note: this database is separate from the OAH User Portal login system.)

Call for Papers: Process 

Process is seeking submissions for an upcoming series on the histories of disability. We accept proposals from anyone engaged in the practice of U.S. history, including researchers, teachers, graduate students, archivists, curators, public historians, digital scholars, and others. For more information about Process, please visit Materials may be sent to

Histories of Disability

Thirty years ago year this summer, the Americans with Disabilities Act became law. To observe this anniversary, Process: a blog for American history invites submissions about all aspects of the history of disability in the United States. We urge authors to think broadly about disability and about how both lived experiences and definitions of disability have changed over time. We hope to receive essays that explore the intersections of disability and ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, and class—as well as materials that investigate the nature and operation of ableism—throughout U.S. history. We particularly encourage pieces that examine the social, political, and legislative histories of the ADA, both before its enactment and after. We also seek historical analysis of disability and pandemics or other public health crises pertinent to this COVID moment. 

Featured Member Benefit – ACLS Humanities EBook Subscription

OAH members can add a subscription to the American Council of Learned Societies Humanities E-Book library, which offers unlimited access to around 5,000 full-text, cross-searchable titles across the humanities and social sciences from the 1880s through the present. Members can add a year-long subscription during renewal for $25. Explore the collection online at