The American Historian

Religion and Politics

Our November issue features a roundtable on "Evangelicalism and Politics" and an essay on how U.S. government refugee policies affected Hmong religious practices in the United States.

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Table of Contents


Evangelicalism and Politics

John Fea, Laura Gifford, R. Marie Griffith, and Lerone A. Martin


“The New Way”: How American Refugee Policies Changed Hmong Religious Life

Melissa Borja


From the President

Teaching in the Future: When the Digital and the Humanities Meet

Earl Lewis

Variations on a Theme

Understanding Black Religion and Politics in the Age of Emancipation

Matt Harper

The Craft of Teaching

"What’s the Question?" Naming and Teaching Thinking Skills in Secondary History Classes”

Jonathan Bassett and Gary Shiffman

Teaching Trans: Lessons in Inclusion and Liberation

Sky Morgan, they/them/theirs, and Marjorie N. Feld, she/her/hers

From the Field

Black Christmas in American Department Stores

Traci Parker