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History for Black Lives

The September issue of The American Historian features seven articles on "History for Black Lives." Edited by Special Guest Editor Carl Suddler from Emory University, these articles seek to historically contextualize the nation-wide protests that occurred in the wake of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others. As Dr. Suddler writes in the introduction to the issue, "In his June 5 statement, OAH President George J. Sánchez called on members 'to deepen our commitments and redouble our efforts to preserve, interpret, and teach history that helps us all understand the ongoing centrality of racism in the United States, as well as the massive efforts to fight for justice – the present included.' This Special Issue is an answer to that call."

For a limited time, we are opening up all of the featured articles in this issue for free, regardless of memberhsip. OAH members can download the digital issue or will receive a print copy if they have selected that in their member options.

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