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History Interrupted

The June 2020 issue of The American Historian features an article on having students choose primary sources to best document life in the time of COVID-19 and an essay on the importance of supporting Non-Tenure Track faculty during this precarious time. The issue also includes two teaching articles, one on teaching part of the civil rights movement by using a case-study of a voter registration campaign that took place in Lowndes County, Alabama, and the other on using primary sources available from the Library of Congress to teach survey courses. Finally, the issue includes an essay on how to apply for jobs at teaching-intensive institutions, a statement by OAH president George Sanchez on racial injustice in the United States, and an article on the cancellation of the 2020 OAH annual meeting.

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The magazine cover features a black girl, with a black jacket, wearing a backpack and pink patterned mask. The image has the issue title 'History Interrupted.'

Table of Contents


"Students Choose History: Primary Source Artifacts in the Time of Covid-19"

Kevin Mitchell Mercer

How to Mobilize in Support of Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Elizabeth Hohl and Amy Essington


OAH Statement

Statement on Recent Events of Racial Injustice

George J. Sanchez, on Behalf of the Executive Committee


OAH Annual Meeting News

From Cancellation to New Directions

Hajni G. Selby


The Craft of Teaching

A History We Can Use: “Freedom Politics” for “We the People”

Emilye Crosby


Teaching the Survey: Resources on Civic Action and Social Change in a Republic with Primary Sources from the Library of Congress

Lee Ann Potter

Professional Development

Applying and Interviewing at Four-Year Teaching-Intensive Institutions

Rebecca R. Noel, Elizabeth DeWolfe, and Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello

From the President

Historical Reflections in Our Age of Coronavirus

George J. Sánchez


News of the OAH

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