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The State of Graduate Education

The June 2021 issue of The American Historian is dedicated to the "State of Graduate Education." The issue includes a roundtable by grad students discussing their educational experiences during the COVID pandemic, an article on what history departments can do to help grad students transition back into "normal" grad school life, a piece on the new OAH Graduate Student Caucus, and an article on how history graduate departments can help lower the achievement gap. The issue also includes an article on contingent and part time faculty, and a piece on public history in a time of turmoil. 

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A picture of a group of students in mortarboard hats at a graduation ceremony.

Table of Contents

From the President

Rethinking Graduate Education

Philip J. Deloria


Graduate Students and COVID: Experiences from a Difficult Year

Graduate Students


Coming Back from COVID: The Grad Student Perspective

Daniel Gorman Jr.


Graduate Students and the OAH

George J. Sánchez

How History Departments Can Help Narrow the Achievement Gap

Michael H. Creswell

From the Committee on Part-Time Adjunct and Contingent Employment

Contingent Faculty and the OAH

Eric Fure-Slocum and Dorothee Schneider (CPACE co-chairs)

Public History

Activist New York at the Museum of the City of New York and the Work of Public History in Moments of Turmoil

Sarah J. Seidman


OAH News Items

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