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Judith Allen (Associate Editor at the JAH) Named Distinguish Professor at Indiana University

Judith Allen is the Walter Professor of History in the College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of History at IU Bloomington. She was the founding director and chair of the College’s Department of Gender Studies, and her contributions have transformed the fields of women’s history, feminist history and the history of sexuality.

Her prodigious work has advanced the understanding of women’s agency and the professionalization of the field of women’s studies, and it has enhanced the study of gender and sexuality within the discipline of history. Her recent work on the life and work of Alfred Kinsey has advanced greater understanding of modern sex research.

David Hochfelder, Anna Pfau, and Stacey Sewell Awarded NEH Grant

David Hochfedler, Ann Pfau, and Stacy Sewell have been awarded an NEH Digital Projects for the Public prototyping grant to continue work on their digital history of urban renewal in New York State. This is the fourth NEH grant they’ve received for their urban renewal work. In 2018 they received two planning grants, Digital Projects for the Public and Digital Humanities Advancement Grant. In 2020, they received an NEH Humanities Collections and Reference Resources grant to create a statewide inventory of urban renewal records held locally in about 80 places around the state. Total grant funding received so far for all four grants is about $190,000.