Historic House Museum Toolkit

This resource kit to support the skills and processes necessary for staff to re-shape their approach to interpretation at Historic Homes and Sites is based on the pre-COVID 19 pilot program and its subsequent evaluation to reimagine historic house museum interpretation at four different sites in the National Park Service (NPS). While created with and for the NPS and for multiple sites, this kit is applicable for any historic home or site and can also be modified to accommodate single sites. 

These recommendations incorporate both participant as well as pilot program creators’ and facilitators’ observations and feedback. The kit provides guidance for readiness factors, budgetary considerations, team composition, suggested timelines, a suggested content outline, and key success factors.

It is important to note that with any outline or suggested curriculum, it is crucial that the processes remain iterative and is consistently re-evaluated and restructured according to each group’s needs to ensure the most effective experience for those given the responsibility of leading the charge to re-create interpretive experiences at your site.

Ann M. Loshaw

March 2020

Access the full toolkit here:  Historic House Museums Resource Kit to Support Skill Building